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Five Barriers to Aging in Place

A common goal for people who are growing older is to remain in their own homes for as long as is humanly possible. The difficulty is that often there are extenuating circumstances that can make aging in place more difficult. Senior care providers can help. Transportation Issues If your elderly family member can't drive herself to wherever she needs to go, that's a big problem. It might even lead to her voluntarily isolating herself, which can become dangerous. For many aging adults, driving ... Read more

Elder Care Tools: First Aid Kits for Throughout the Home

Elder Care in Sugar Land TX Safety is a main priority in your elder care plan, and though your goal as a family caregiver is to prevent your seniorsfrom getting hurt, accidents do happen and you may find yourself facing minor injuries. Being prepared for these incidents allows you to address them promptly and effectively, minimizing the severity and helping you quickly move past them. One of the most important elder care tools any caregiver should have is a first aid kit. These ... Read more

Have You Ever Considered That Age Is A Factor When Discussing the Topic of Elder Care?

Senior Care near Bellaire, TX – How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents about Care Seniors who are in their 60s, 70s or 80s+ may have different priorities, concerns and needs. According to, it’s essential for family members to tailor their conversation to the values of their senior parent. “Seniors who are in their 80s have different priorities from seniors in their 70s, says Emily Saltz, LICSW and the director of Elder Resources -- a private geriatric care management firm in Newton, ... Read more

PERSONAL CAREGIVING SERVICES launches new caregiver training program with the Institute for Professional Care Education

[PERSONAL CAREGIVING SERVICES] has chosen the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) to provide online caregiver training and compliance to all their employees. [HOUSTON, TX]: PERSONAL CAREGIVING SERVICES has made a commitment to providing the highest quality care to seniors in its service areas by implementing employee training programs developed by the Institute for Professional Care Education. PERSONAL CAREGIVING SERVICE’S employees now have access to IPCed’s online caregiver training as well as IPCed’s award-winning Medifecta series of DVD-based caregiver training. “We’re using IPCed’s ... Read more

Discover How Loneliness Can Increase Risks of Having a Stroke

Elderly Care in Houston, TX– Loneliness and Strokes Loneliness is like a sad feeling starting from the inside and creating a mental and emotional imbalance. This feeling can happen to any person but consequences of loneliness are more problematic for older adults, especially after 65 years and more. According to studies, it’s been proven feelings of loneliness and social isolations leads to an increase in blood pressure and in some adults it can result in higher risks of strokes and other cardiovascular ... Read more

Listed are Reasons Why Kindness can make a Difference while providing Elder Care

Kindness and Home Care Services in Houston, TX Kindness is one of those attributes that far too many people take for granted. With regard to home care services, kindness is not only essential, it can make all the difference in the world to the patient who relies on this level of assistance. There are many reasons why kindness is so important when you are talking about an in-home care service provider. Let’s talk about some of these reasons and how this emotional attribute ... Read more