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Home Care Doesn’t Have to End After Cancer Goes Into Remission

Learning that your mom or dad's cancer is in remission is a blessing. It's going to bring feelings of relief and joy. Take time to celebrate. After that, gather the family to talk about home care. It doesn't have to end after cancer goes into remission.  Many older adults think of home care as a service that's for those who are ill or have severely limited mobility. It's so much more than that. Home care can help your parents age at home ... Read more

Update on The Coronavirus

As you know, we notified our clients and caregivers last week about steps we are taking to address the Coronavirus. As the days have passed, we have stayed on top of information from reliable medical and government agencies.  We therefore want to continue to update you with more details about the steps we are taking and the steps you can take to make sure we are doing everything possible to maintain a healthy environment for our clients, their families, our caregivers, ... Read more

A Strong Support Group Helps Your Dad Stop Smoking on National Kick Butts Day

National Kick Butts Day takes place on March 20th. It's a prime day for smokers from around the nation to stop smoking. One of the things your dad will need most is a strong support team. If he isn't feeling supported, it's going to be much harder for him to stay motivated to quit. People to Put on the Support Team If your dad has friends or family members who still smoke, they're not the best choices for his support team. Choose non-smokers ... Read more

Coronavirus Concerns

We are keeping up with all reliable factual information on the coronavirus. From everything we’ve read and heard, the coronavirus is very similar to the flu or the common cold in the way it is transmitted and therefore the way it can be avoided. The health of our clients and our staff is always our top priority. As a general rule, especially in our population of elderly or otherwise recovering clients who trust us with their health needs, our caregivers are already washing hands correctly and ... Read more

Questions to Answer About Senior Care

If you need to take care of an elderly loved one, it is likely that you are going to have questions about the care that they need. This is normal. There are many things that you should know about aging adults, especially if you need to care for them. What are the common challenges elderly adults face? With aging, there are going to be some normal challenges that elderly adults face. This is something, you as the family caregiver, should know about. One ... Read more

Client Testimonials

1. "Thank you so very much for all your help in supplying caregivers and being attentive to our needs as you us take care of my husband Charlie. Thank you for sending Mary and Sylvia. They were such a blessing. Bless you as you continue to help in the care for the sick in need." -Virginia 2. "I have always appreciated the competence and care of the caregivers you and your staff have provided my mom since she was released from Brighton Garden ... Read more

Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Prevent Osteoporosis

Does your elderly loved one have osteoporosis? If so, they might be suffering. This disease causes a lot of pain. However, if your loved one doesn’t have osteoporosis yet, there are some tips that you can use to help your loved one to prevent osteoporosis in the first place. While they still might develop osteoporosis as they age, these tips can push the condition off for longer. Increasing Protein Intake One of the tips for helping your elderly loved one to prevent osteoporosis ... Read more

Recognizing the Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the difficulties of caring for an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease is the uncertainty of the future. Families find themselves wondering what will happen as the disease worsens. They may even feel completely unprepared for the job of keeping the older adult physically healthy, safe, and happy. One way to be me more prepared for the future is to know how Alzheimer’s progresses. Knowing the stages of the disease can help you to recognize when your aging relative is ... Read more

How Can You Gently Talk to Your Senior about Aging?

Putting off conversations about aging with your elderly family member doesn’t help her and it really doesn’t help you, either. These are conversations you need to have, even if you have to break them up over a few sessions. Get Clear on What You Want to Say It’s really important that if you’re ready to open up this conversation with your senior, you’re prepared. That means you need to know what you want to say and hopefully what solutions you want to suggest. ... Read more

Stop Feeling Guilty for Admitting You’re Tired of Being a Family Caregiver

Guilt. It's a big part of your life. You stayed home to raise your kids. You're now ready to enter the working world again. That's when your mom's situation changes. She needs help with daily tasks. As you are already not working full-time, your siblings all feel you're the right person to provide the care she needs. Your days become a mix of shopping for your mom, running her errands, helping her clean her home, and making sure she has hot meals ... Read more
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