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What Kinds of Assistive Aids Can Help a Loved One with Arthritis Move Better?

Elderly Care in Houston TX Assistive devices are any type of tool or device that can make life and movement a little bit easier for your elderly loved one. For a loved one who has arthritis, some of these types of devices can save her quite a bit of pain and keep her moving. Canes or Walkers Walkers and canes are an obvious choice for an elderly loved one who has arthritis in her hips or knees. These devices can help to support your ... Read more

Prevent Osteoporosis with Exercise

Senior Care in Memorial TX Whether your elderly parent is the picture of perfect health or has a debilitating health problem, exercise can help treat and prevent a wide range of ailments. One health condition that physical activities can help is osteoporosis. Many older adults with osteoporosis and their senior care provider are concerned over strenuous activities that could break their bone. What they do not know is that exercise can actually make their bones stronger and more resilient to breaks. Here are ... Read more

What Can You Expect Now That Mom’s Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

Caregiver in Bellaire TX In many situations, family members are not overwhelmingly surprised when an aging loved one may be diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s. It will still be devastating for most, but the surprise factor might not be as significant as one would expect. That’s because signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease usually begin one to two years before diagnosis. The symptoms are often associated with memory loss that begins to impact daily life. Perhaps the signs were clear to you with your ... Read more

A New Year’s Resolution for the Overtaxed Caregiver

Home Care in Houston TX New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and difficult to maintain. For the overburdened and stressed-out caregiver, the person taking care of an elderly parent, adult child with disabilities, or some other family member, many other aspects of life can seem complicated as a result. As we approach New Year’s, we often think about things we want to change in our life. We see this as an opportunity to make a fresh start, a new beginning, scrape off old, ... Read more

The Beautiful Brain and Seniors

Elderly Care in River Oaks TX Everyone knows one—an elderly person that seems to bypass the affects of cognitive decline that can accompany aging. They are sharp, articulate, with short and long-term memory intact. Age seems to leave their brain untouched by decline and, if anything, each day brings a greater awareness of their magnificent brain. The Physical Changes as a Brain Ages Normally, as a brain ages, neurons diminish. The brain as a whole seems to shrink in size. Cells in the hippocampus, ... Read more

Why Are Meaningful Activities Important for Your Elderly Loved One?

Senior Care in Tanglewood TX If you've ever looked at the idea of including meaningful activities in your loved one's day more often and wondered if there would be any benefit, these potential gains may be just what you're looking to see. Decrease in Challenging Behaviors If your elderly loved one has dementia, being bored or under stimulated can lead to a variety of different challenging behaviors. These include behaviors such as repetition, wandering, and even shadowing. With the appropriate amount of meaningful activities ... Read more

Which Breathing Problems Should You Never Ignore?

Elder Care in West University Place TX If your elderly loved one is experiencing problems breathing, you may not realize that there are some symptoms that can indicate bigger issues. Knowing which breathing problems you really can't ignore can help you to get faster help for your loved one. Sudden Shortness of Breath Being winded during or after physical activity isn't unusual, but if your loved one experiences sudden shortness of breath, particularly when she's simply sitting still, this can be a sign of ... Read more

Setting Up Your Distance Caregiver Team

Caregiver in River Oaks TX Approximately 11 percent of the family caregivers throughout the United States live at enough of a distance from their care recipient that they are not able to be with them on a regular basis. This means that they must be able to handle all of the tasks of being a family caregiver without being able to be their care recipient’s home, which requires a tremendous amount of planning and remote interaction. While there are many tasks that ... Read more

What to Expect During the Late Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

Elderly Care in Memorial TX There are several stages of Alzheimer's disease, but the most critical one is the lasts stage. By this time, the elder will be unable to care for themselves, requiring around-the-clock help from an elderly care provider. They will also have increased difficulty swallowing and chewing, will have trouble walking without assistance, and will no longer be able to verbally communicate with others. Whether you are going to be involved in the caregiving responsibilities or want to just be ... Read more

Treatment Options for Seniors with Dementia

Senior Care in Meyerland TX Dementia is a cognitive health problem that affects millions of Americans each year. Along with taking their ability to remember information they should know, they will also have problems concentrating, communicating, and caring for themselves. In fact, once their condition worsens, they will need around-the-clock care from a senior care provider.   There is currently no cure for dementia, but there are treatment options available that will reduce the appearance of symptoms, allowing the elder to live a somewhat ... Read more
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