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Best Ideas to Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s Solve Problems at Home

Trying to solve problems can be challenging for a lot of people. Problem-solving abilities are developed over time. If a person is not exercising their brain regularly, if you have a tendency to sit around watching TV all day instead of reading books, writing, or doing other thought-provoking activities, their problem-solving skills will diminish over time. When a person has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they’re going to be facing some serious challenges, mostly related to memory loss that’s one of the ... Read more

Selecting A Caregiver

In January, a Memorial Village man discovered his 94-year-old mother’s caregiver repeatedly striking her on the head. That in-home helper had been selected through an online clearinghouse where any “caregiver” can post a resume. Soon after, another family came to Sid Gerber for advice after a caregiver for their parent had financially abused them for seven years. That caregiver was selected from a Google search result. Because families are often on a tight timeline to get caregiver services, they rely on agencies ... Read more

Recovery Doesn’t Take a Day Off and Neither Should That Senior

Pushing through the recovery process following a major medical emergency, surgery, or injuries is not going to be easy. It doesn’t matter how old a person is; the challenges can be extreme. In truth, recovery doesn’t rest. The senior may be tired, not feeling great, or not inspired to go through physical therapy, exercise, or the other things that are important for their recovery, but if they take a day off, it could set their recovery back several days or even weeks. The main ... Read more

Planning Meals for a Parent with Diabetes

It may feel a little overwhelming when your parent gets diagnosed with diabetes and you are faced with planning their meals. The truth is, diabetic meal planning can be relatively simple and make a significant difference in the health of your parent. There are several options to choose from. The Carbohydrate Counting Plan In this easy to implement meal plan, a daily limit for carbohydrate intake is determined. This number is very unique for each individual and changes according to physical fitness, activity ... Read more

Finding Optimism in the Midst of Stress as a Caregiver

Life as a family caregiver is not going to be easy. There are an estimated 44 million people taking care of an aging and disabled loved ones in the United States right now. The vast majority of them initially thought it wasn’t going to be a major problem because of their personal relationship, but they eventually realized just how much stress it causes in their life. The more stress you experience, the more difficult it becomes to stay positive. Finding optimism is ... Read more

Arthritis May Interfere with Recovery for Seniors

There may be a number of things seniors have to deal with as they get older. For any senior who has been hospitalized recently, recovery could take several weeks or even months. In some cases, it might take a year or longer to recover and they may not return to their full physical capabilities. There are many factors that can interfere with recovery, including arthritis. When joints become inflamed, it causes a person to be more protective of those parts of their ... Read more

Alzheimer’s Will Progress in Stages, So Get Proper Care Now

Elder Care in Katy TX Alzheimer’s disease will progress over time. During the earliest stages of this disease, many people will experience certain signs of memory loss and may not come to the realization that it may be a form of dementia. Some people think it’s just the natural process of aging why they can’t remember where they left their car keys, why they can’t keep track of conversations they had the previous day, or even miss doctor’s appointments every once in ... Read more

What Can a Set of Bed Rails Do for Your Elderly Loved One?

Senior Care in Spring Branch TX For an elderly loved one who has mobility issues, bed rails can answer quite a few problems. If your loved one is uncertain about adding these rails to her bed, talk with her about the benefits of having them. Help Her Get into and Out of Bed Easily The bed rails sit at the edge of the bed, so your loved one can use them to ease her way both into and out of her bed. Because they're ... Read more

What is Caregiver Guilt?

Caregiver in Sugar Land TX When you started caring for your elderly parent you might have been anticipating the stress that you would likely experience, and the challenges that you would encounter as you tried to balance the needs of everyone around you. As you realize just how difficult these challenges can be and as hard as it might be for you to truly balance these needs, however, you might start to experience caregiver guilt. Caregiver guilt is the guilt that you ... Read more

How to Cope When Your Elderly Loved One Is Easily Confused

Home Care in Bellaire TX Confusion, particularly about normal everyday activities and people, can be one of the more troubling problems that caregivers can face when a loved one has dementia. Your loved one has always been so capable and so smart, but now she's easily confused. Keep the Explanation Simple It's really easy to get complicated with explanations when your loved one is confused, but that won't work well. Instead, do what you can to keep explanations as short and simple as you ... Read more
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