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Aggression Triggers and Tips for Coping

Senior Care in Bellaire TX When you're helping a loved one and they lash out, whether that's verbally or physically, it's shocking and distressing. Unfortunately, aggression is common with dementia, according to the Alzheimer's Association. There are quite a few factors that go into the aggressive behavior, from physical triggers to emotional triggers. Having appropriate senior care available helps loved ones to sort out the triggers and learn to respond to the aggressive actions appropriately. Lack of Sleep Elderly loved ones with dementia often ... Read more

June is National Scleroderma Awareness Month

Home Care in West University Place TX June is National Scleroderma Month. Professionals placed by home care agencies to help people in their homes have to have many skills and basic knowledge of the conditions of those they are assisting.  Scleroderma is an unusual condition because little is known about the cause of it. The Scleroderma Foundation says that the term comes from two words in the Greek language “sclero” is “hard” in English, and “derma” means “skin.” Persons of any age -  ... Read more

June is Men’s Health Education and Awareness Month

Caregiver in Tanglewod TX The month of June is Men’s Health Education and Awareness Month.  Below are some special health concerns for men: Prostate Cancer John Hopkins Medicine reminds us that prostate cancer is the most common cancer experienced by men (not including skin cancer). Early detection of prostate cancer means the five-year survival rate is 100%. Failing to detect prostate cancer early allows the cancer to spread to other parts of the body and the survival rate goes down. In 2012, about one-quarter million ... Read more

Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk for Lyme Disease?

Elderly Care in Meyerland TX Even living in a city, a person can still get Lyme Disease. The main problem with Lyme is that many people don't know they have it, and doctors don't always think to test for it. Tests can also provide a false negative, making the infected person think that's not the problem. Curing Lyme is easy in some people, and very difficult in others, so treatment isn't always effective. If you have an elderly loved one who's having odd ... Read more

The Role of Smarthomes in Elder Care

Elder Care in River Oaks TX When most people think of smarthomes, they think of homes that are operated by computers to make them more energy-efficient and more responsive to the needs of the homeowners. There is another kind of smarthome, which is the kind that monitors the activities of the occupants and their health status. The cost of elder care in institutions is very high. In addition, it is quite clear from a number of studies including a comprehensive one entitled “Aging ... Read more

Helping Your Elderly Parents Make the Decision to Start a Home Care Relationship

Home Care in Bellaire TX Experts often say that taking the first step is the most difficult part of overcoming any challenge. This absolutely applies to coming to terms with your elderly parents' need for additional care and assistance and building the proper care plan for these needs. Recognizing these needs, embracing them as a reality that will be a part of your life and your loved ones' lives into the future, and making decisions regarding the care that is right for ... Read more

Making Coping with Arthritis Part of Your Elder Care Plan

Elder Care in Spring Branch TX Arthritis in any of its many forms is one of the most common complaints of older adults, but that does not mean that your elderly parents should have to live with the pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility caused by this disease. While the damage done by arthritis may not be curable, there are many way you can make coping with arthritis and its effects part of your elder care plan so your aging loved ones ... Read more

Ever Heard of Graves’ Disease?

Senior Care in River Oaks TX As a person ages, there are a number of things they begin to worry about. From their physical well being to their emotional well being, there are new threats and risks that often arise. One issue that many seniors have to deal involves the thyroid. One of the most common issues with the thyroid, which most people have likely heard of, is Graves’ Disease. The origination of Graves’ Disease This disease was first discovered during the 19th century ... Read more

Would Home Meal Delivery Benefit Your Aging Loved One?

Senior Care in Spring Branch TX Among the concerns many families have for their elderly loved ones is food. Of specific issue are the demands of shopping and food preparation. While a lot of seniors can handle their own food needs, some may benefit from home delivered meal services. Who can benefit from home delivered meals? Some may think home delivery is for seniors who have mobility issues or who otherwise cannot handle shopping or kitchen tasks. True, those populations do benefit from the ... Read more

Embracing Cultural Differences with Home Care Providers

Home Care in Sugar Land TX Hiring home care for your elderly parents is a fantastic way of filling gaps in the time and physical capabilities you have to offer.  It ensures your parents get the level of care, support, and assistance they need and deserve on a regular basis. It is also an incredible way to stimulate your parents' minds and expose them to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences they would not get a chance to know otherwise. While you may see ... Read more
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