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Some of Personal Caregiving Services Caregivers Fashioning their New Polo Shirts!

Some proud caregivers posing in their new logo polo shirts! Read more

Have You Ever Wondered Why Females get less Sleep than Males? Find Out Why?

Yawn! Why the Female Caregiver near Katy, TX Tends to Give Up Sleep for Others A staggering statistic when it comes to the family caregiver is that more than 80% of in-home care providers in the United States are female. Many of these in-home care providers decide to take on this role out of a sense of responsibility, feeling that they owe it to their loved one, or concerns about feeling guilty if they don’t. For the most part, when you compare male ... Read more

Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing

Blog Posting 10/25/14 By Sid Gerber   Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing    Many people amongst us are procrastinators, myself included at times. And although I know it’s better than doing nothing or putting off until the last minute, I choose to ignore an issue or bury my head in the sand. That’s okay if the issue doesn’t involve my health, however, or something that can have a significant impact on my life. I mean, it’s not like seeing a red light and stopping ... Read more