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Sciatic Nerve Pain and Seniors

While sciatic nerve pain, known as sciatica, can affect people of all ages, it is especially prevalent in senior populations. The sciatic nerve runs from the back of the legs to the base of the spine, and it can become compressed or pinched, causing radiating pain in these areas. Whether it is caused by a degenerative disc, diabetes, bone spur or simply a result of weakening bones and muscles, sciatica can have a big impact on the quality of life.Family caregivers ... Read more

What to Do When You Suspect Your Parent is Dealing with Hospital Delirium

Elder Care in Houston TX Having to face your parent needing a stay in the hospital is stressful enough, but if you start to notice strange behavior or concerning symptoms that could be delirium, it can quickly become frightening. Delirium is something that you never want to encounter in your elder care journey with your aging parent, but for somewhere between 20 and 80 percent of aging adults who end up hospitalized, it will. This rapidly developing condition is a sudden change ... Read more

Balance Awareness Week and Elder Care

Elder Care in Houston TX Beginning in 1997, the Vestibular Disorders Association named the second week in September as Balance Awareness Week. This was done primarily so patients could experience a reduction in how long vestibular disorder is diagnosed. The association works with patients regarding learning what the symptoms are, as well as locating specialists to help them resolve their issues with vestibular disorder. During this week, a family caregiver helping their aging loved one with in-home care can learn more about ... Read more