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Can Frail Elderly Adults Use In-Home Elder Care?

Frail elderly adults are seniors over age 75 that have several specific characteristics. These include having moderate to serious medical issues, impaired physical or mental abilities, and a need for assistance in daily activities. Family members with frail elderly relatives spend a lot of time taking care of their needs, and also worrying about their health and safety. While moving them to a long-term care facility is one option, many family members are finding that in-home elder care resources provide more ... Read more

Alzheimer’s Will Progress in Stages, So Get Proper Care Now

Elder Care in Katy TX Alzheimer’s disease will progress over time. During the earliest stages of this disease, many people will experience certain signs of memory loss and may not come to the realization that it may be a form of dementia. Some people think it’s just the natural process of aging why they can’t remember where they left their car keys, why they can’t keep track of conversations they had the previous day, or even miss doctor’s appointments every once in ... Read more