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Are You Paying Attention to Your Dad’s Vaccination Records?

How many vaccinations does your dad have? Are they all up to date? Have you talked about vaccinations that can prevent him from some debilitating illnesses or conditions? It's time to discuss vaccinations for your senior loved one. What Are the Vaccinations the Elderly Should Consider? The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recommends seniors get the following vaccinations: Diphtheria – Diptheria is a bacterial infection that affects the throat, It can lead to heart failure and difficulties breathing. It's typically paired in ... Read more

What You Need to do Before Bringing an Elder to the Emergency Room

Elder Care in River Oaks TX Hospital visits alone can be nerve-wracking, but emergency rooms can especially cause an older adult to feel a whole new level of anxiety and nervousness. Since seniors are in a more fragile state than other age groups, they are at a higher risk for complications due to an injury or fall. Being surrounded by people with severe illnesses or injuries can make the elder feel less at ease and more panicked as to what their outcome ... Read more

Not Letting Myths about Aging Impact your Elder Care for Your Parents

Elder Care in River Oaks TX Creating an elder care plan for your aging loved ones is all about giving them the highest quality of life possible as they age. This means identifying their physical, mental, and emotional needs and finding ways that you can address those needs on a daily basis to ensure they are safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy whether they are aging in place in their own home or have transitioned into living in your home with your family ... Read more

The Role of Smarthomes in Elder Care

Elder Care in River Oaks TX When most people think of smarthomes, they think of homes that are operated by computers to make them more energy-efficient and more responsive to the needs of the homeowners. There is another kind of smarthome, which is the kind that monitors the activities of the occupants and their health status. The cost of elder care in institutions is very high. In addition, it is quite clear from a number of studies including a comprehensive one entitled “Aging ... Read more