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How Does a Routine Make You a Better Caregiver?

Setting up routines as a caregiver means that you're doing specific things at set times, usually every day or at least every week. Following routines gives life a specific flow that can help you to be a better caregiver and allow your elderly family member to relax a bit. You're Not Working Against Your Senior. When you're working with established routines, your senior knows what to expect for the most part and so do you. This means that your elderly family member is ... Read more

What to Expect During the Late Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

Elderly Care in Memorial TX There are several stages of Alzheimer's disease, but the most critical one is the lasts stage. By this time, the elder will be unable to care for themselves, requiring around-the-clock help from an elderly care provider. They will also have increased difficulty swallowing and chewing, will have trouble walking without assistance, and will no longer be able to verbally communicate with others. Whether you are going to be involved in the caregiving responsibilities or want to just be ... Read more

6 Things that Caregivers Need to Remember or May Not Know

Elderly Care in Memorial TX Have you forgotten some of these tips? It's entirely possible that you have, especially if you're feeling more stressed out than usual. Other People Care About You, Too Often you're so wrapped up in caring for your elderly loved one that it's easy to forget that people care about what happens to you, too. For that reason, you have to take care of yourself. Letting yourself get too run down could mean that you need a caregiver of your ... Read more

Elderly Care Tips: Care for Seniors After Cataract Surgery

Elderly Care in Memorial TX Cataracts are widely considered a normal part of aging. In fact, all people who are over the age of 60 will at some point develop some degree of cataracts. They occur when the lens at the back of the eye becomes cloudy, yellowed, and may even crack. For many people, these cataracts are fairly mild and though they cause diminished clarity in vision, they do not require any serious intervention. For others, the cataracts become severe enough ... Read more