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Asthma Can Appear at Any Age – Do You Know the Symptoms?

As someone responsible for elderly care, you might think that one of the few illnesses you don’t have to look out for is asthma. Asthma is known by many as a “children’s disease,” meaning that it is usually first diagnosed in kids as opposed to adults.Asthma, however, can occur in anyone of any age, and is getting increasingly more prevalent among senior citizens, especially if they are over the age of 75. Asthma is a lung condition, in which the sufferer ... Read more

Compassionate Elderly Care: Helping Your Parents through the Emotions of Care

Elderly Care in West University Place TX Becoming a family caregiver for your aging parents was a major adjustment for you, but it is important to realize that this shift in your relationship is also a challenge for your parents. They are accustomed to being to ones caring for you.  Now that you have stepped in to help them meet their daily physical, emotional, cognitive, and medical needs, they may be experiencing a range of emotions that need to be addressed so ... Read more