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What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke?

Heat stroke is an incredibly dangerous situation. The most serious heat-related injury, a heat stroke occurs when the body overheats to a temperature of at least 104 degrees. If not managed promptly and effectively heat stroke can lead to muscle damage, heart damage, brain damage, organ damage, and even death. Being able to recognize the potential signs and symptoms of heat stroke allows you to address them as quickly as possible, minimizing the chances of severe consequences and helping your parents ... Read more

New to Exercising? 5 Tips to Get Elders Started Safely

Home Care in River Oaks TX Exercising is an important activity for people of all ages to participate in, especially older generations. It keeps them feeling young, energetic, and can ward off a number of chronic illnesses. Physical activities are definitely important as we get older in order to keep our minds sharp and our bodies fit. However, some seniors are afraid to begin exercising because of the many years they have not made it a part of their daily routine. If your ... Read more

5 Reasons You Need a Home Care Agency

Home Care in River Oaks TX It's understandable that making the decision to invest in hiring a specialized in-home care provider from a professional agency can be difficult. There are a number of clear and distinct advantages to relying on a professional senior care provider service when compared to other services or relying only on voluntary assistance. 1. Seniors Require Specialized Care As people become older, they develop unique medical and physical conditions that frequently make daily life more difficult and can exacerbate medical ... Read more