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Helping an Older Adult Cope with a Parkinson’s Diagnosis

When an older adult learns they have Parkinson’s disease, it can be devastating news. There are so many questions and so much uncertainty about what the future holds. Family members and friends may want to help, but knowing what to do or say can be difficult. Although it’s not easy to help someone cope with a new diagnosis, there are many ways you can help reassure them about the future and support them as they come to terms with their new ... Read more

Tips for Caring for an Elderly Parent with Diabetes

Finding out that your aging parent has diabetes is a life-changing moment for you as a family caregiver. You know that this is a serious disease that will impact your parent’s lifestyle and quality of life throughout their later years, and that means you will need to adjust the care that you give them to help them to manage this condition in the best way possible. This will help them to reduce the risk of serious complications, support their health, and ... Read more

The Most Common Risk Factors That Cause Alzheimer’s disease

Home Care in Tanglewood TX Now that the baby boomer generation is now considered part of the elder population, the number of older adults with Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to skyrocket to 5.4 million Americans in 2016. According to the Alzheimer Association, one in nine adults over the age of 65 is diagnosed with the disease. It can be a life-altering disease that will require around-the-clock home care supervision as it progresses. Although there is no cure yet, knowing the risk factors will ... Read more