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Can Dementia Be Prevented?

A common concern among older adults and their family caregivers is the possibility that the older adult may develop dementia. Many diseases can be prevented with lifestyle changes that improve overall health. Can the same be said of dementia? Possibly—and the suggested steps for dementia prevention certainly can’t hurt! In fact, they may improve health in other areas and increase the senior’s happiness. Below are some of the step’s experts suggest may reduce the chances of your aging relative getting dementia. Control ... Read more

Tips and Adaptive Devices that Make Eating Easier

Some seniors have difficulty feeding themselves because of conditions that make them unable to use their hands or arms or because of cognitive decline. Meal times can be frustrating for both the senior and the person providing senior care. For a family caregiver, it can also be awkward to have to feed your parent who once fed you as a child. If you have some trouble with meal times, employing certain techniques or using adaptive devices to help your parent eat ... Read more

Restless Leg Syndrome and Seniors – Causes, Symptoms, and Cures

Senior Care in Bellaire TX Restless leg syndrome is just how it sounds; it begins in the nervous system and causes you to have this overwhelming urge to get up and move your legs. When you are not walking or moving, you will start to have an uncomfortable feeling that can only be cured through constant movement. The only problem is that moving around is only a temporary fix, but there are some treatments that can eliminate the irritating symptoms that cause ... Read more

Senior Care: Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

  Senior Care in Bellaire TX Because Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of the brain, it can affect a person’s ability to care for him or herself, from getting dressed to bathing, bringing on new challenges for him or her every day. For this reason, caregivers and home care providers need to learn as much as possible about this disease. Below are some common signs of Alzheimer’s disease in seniors that you should know about: Anger and aggression Your loved one may begin to have aggressive ... Read more

The Power of Thought in Your Senior Care Journey

Senior Care in Bellaire TX Everyone has heard about the concept of "mind over matter" and that the mind is the most powerful element of the human body, enabling people to accomplish things that their bodies should not technically be able to do simply because their minds told them that they needed to do it. While this explains things like men climbing to the top of Mount Everest or women lifting cars off of their young children, could it really be something ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Immune Boosters for Your Elderly Parents

Senior Care in Bellaire TX Protecting your aging loved ones from illness and infection is an important element of your senior care plan. Senior adults are more vulnerable to infection and illness and have a more difficult time recovering, putting them at greater risk of lingering consequences from issues that would be relatively minor for younger adults. Boosting their immune system is a powerful step in helping them to stay strong, healthy, and enjoying the highest quality of life possible. Some immune boosters ... Read more

Aggression Triggers and Tips for Coping

Senior Care in Bellaire TX When you're helping a loved one and they lash out, whether that's verbally or physically, it's shocking and distressing. Unfortunately, aggression is common with dementia, according to the Alzheimer's Association. There are quite a few factors that go into the aggressive behavior, from physical triggers to emotional triggers. Having appropriate senior care available helps loved ones to sort out the triggers and learn to respond to the aggressive actions appropriately. Lack of Sleep Elderly loved ones with dementia often ... Read more