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Incorporating a Carbohydrate Counting Plan into your Parent’s Diet

If your parent has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, they may feel overwhelmed. They have probably left the doctor’s office with a stack of reading material that could rival Atlas Shrugged. You can help them on the road to a healthy life without developing the complications of diabetes by preparing or suggesting daily meals that provide all the essential nutrients while limiting their carbohydrate intake. If this seems overwhelming for you as well, consider obtaining the services of a senior care ... Read more

Prevent Osteoporosis with Exercise

Senior Care in Memorial TX Whether your elderly parent is the picture of perfect health or has a debilitating health problem, exercise can help treat and prevent a wide range of ailments. One health condition that physical activities can help is osteoporosis.Many older adults with osteoporosis and their senior care provider are concerned over strenuous activities that could break their bone. What they do not know is that exercise can actually make their bones stronger and more resilient to breaks. Here are ... Read more

How to Survive a Crisis with Your Loved One

Senior Care in Memorial TX When you get that call letting you know that your loved one is in crisis, it's difficult to do more than go through the motions until you know exactly what you're up against. Some of these tips can help you to get through the crisis intact. Accept All the Help You Can GetDuring a crisis, you will have way more to deal with than you can handle on your own. On a normal day, you might feel more ... Read more

New Technology Options for Seniors Interested in Independent Living

Senior Care in Memorial TX When it comes to senior care, the responsibilities often fall to the adult children. This can cause stress and worry for these individuals, especially if they have a full time job, a family or other responsibilities that keeps them away from their aging parent. The good news is that in addition to professional senior care services, there are a number of other options to consider using in terms of technology for quality senior care.From voice activation gadgets to ... Read more