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4 Reasons Your Senior Doesn’t Want Your Help

You want to be there for your aging adult and you know that she needs the help. But her response might just shock you. If you're wondering why your elderly family member won't accept your help, these explanations might help. She Honestly Doesn't Believe She Needs It. Many aging adults truly don't believe that they need any additional help. they've been going about their lives for years, decades even, without help and they're fine. So it stands to reason, from their point of ... Read more

Treatment Options for Seniors with Dementia

Senior Care in Meyerland TX Dementia is a cognitive health problem that affects millions of Americans each year. Along with taking their ability to remember information they should know, they will also have problems concentrating, communicating, and caring for themselves. In fact, once their condition worsens, they will need around-the-clock care from a senior care provider.   There is currently no cure for dementia, but there are treatment options available that will reduce the appearance of symptoms, allowing the elder to live a somewhat ... Read more

Are There Ways You Can Help a Loved One with COPD Slow the Progression of the Disease?

Senior Care in Meyerland TX Caring for a loved one who has COPD can be very difficult. Watching someone you love struggle to breathe makes you feel helpless, but there are things that you can do to help slow down COPD. Eliminate Smoking Smoking is very unhealthy for someone with COPD because it introduces even more pollutants and toxins into already damaged lungs. The first step for someone who has COPD is to stop smoking if that's a current habit. Of course, if your ... Read more

Tips to Help Meet Senior’s Unique Nutritional Needs

Senior Care in Meyerland TX As a person becomes older, there are quite a few things about their life that must change. For seniors, one of these things is their nutrition. For those who provide home care for seniors, understanding these new needs is just as important. Experts suggest that seniors eat plates that are as colorful as the artwork their grandchildren create – plenty of yellow, red, and green food. Also, as seniors continue aging, nutritional choices have to be made to ... Read more