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How Can You Tell Your Senior Is Having Trouble Driving?

It's always optimal to ask your elderly family member if she's having any trouble driving. If she's not necessarily open with you about her issues, however, you might have to do a little bit of detective work on your own. Here are some of the signs you should start watching for when it comes to your elderly family member and driving. She's Got a Collection of Tickets. When someone isn't doing a good job of driving, they may find that the local police ... Read more

How to Deal with the Emotional Fallout of Telling Your Loved One She Can’t Drive Anymore

When your loved one gets to a point at which she's no longer safe behind the wheel of her car, you're going to be the one to handle that as her family caregiver. The problem is that the emotional fallout from that decision can be brutal. Keep Your Loved One's Feelings about Driving in Mind. You might think that your loved one doesn't have any feelings about driving, but you might be surprised. There's a grieving process that will happen with this decision ... Read more