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Safety is a main priority in your elder care plan, and though your goal as a family caregiver is to prevent your seniorsElder Care in Sugar Land TXfrom getting hurt, accidents do happen and you may find yourself facing minor injuries. Being prepared for these incidents allows you to address them promptly and effectively, minimizing the severity and helping you quickly move past them.

One of the most important elder care tools any caregiver should have is a first aid kit. These kits provide what you need to take care of minor injuries and illnesses so you can keep your parents safe, healthy, and comfortable. Though there are basic items all first aid kits should have, creating your own kit allows you to customize the contents to meet your parents’ needs.

Use this checklist as a guideline to create your basic first aid kit:

• Bandages. Be sure to stock adhesive bandages in several sizes, from tiny to handle paper cuts, nicks, and other minor issues to the large sizes perfect for scrapes, punctures, and even minor animal bites.

• Antibacterial cream. Infections are a concern even in very small cuts and scrapes. Seniors are often more susceptible to infections and the resulting illnesses, so controlling germs in their minor injuries is an important part of maintaining their health. Choose a triple antibiotic cream that kills germs and aids in healing.

• Hydrocortisone cream. Insect bites, poisonous plants, and healing scrapes and cuts can cause serious itching. If your parents scratch at these itches they can damage their delicate skin, creating even worse injuries and allowing germs to enter their bodies. Hydrocortisone and other anti-itch creams ease itching and nourish the skin to allow these areas to heal.

• Gauze and tape. Injuries too large to be covered with traditional bandages or that are on areas of the body that are difficult to cover with traditional bandages should be covered using sterile gauze and adhesive tape. Be careful not to wrap the injuries too tightly so air cannot circulate or too loosely so dirt and water can get through.

• Tweezers. Pointed tweezers help you handle injuries such as splinters, thorns, or pieces of broken glass embedded in the skin.

• Rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol quickly kills germs, making it good for cleaning first aid tools before using them or the skin around an injury before dressing it.

• Over-the-counter-medications. Keep a stash of pain killers, antacids, nausea medication, and allergy pills on hand to address mild symptoms.

To ensure that minor injuries and illnesses are addressed as quickly as possible, you should have a first aid kit readily accessible on each level of the home. Consider adding specialized products to these kits to address the most common injuries in those areas of the home such as:

• Burn relief gel. Add an aloe vera-based burn relief gel to a first aid kit kept near the kitchen so you can relieve the pain of mild burns and provide vital moisture to help promote healing.

• Butterfly bandages. These strong adhesive bandages are ideal for pulling together larger cuts that may result from knives or broken glass.

• Skin protectant cream. If your elderly parents have toileting problems or experiencing chafing, skin protectant cream provides exceptional relief and guards their skin from further problems. Senior-specific options are available but baby diaper rash cream is often more effective and affordable.

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