Four Solutions if Your Senior’s Regular Workout Buddy Isn’t Available

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Your senior might be lucky enough to have a friend with whom she enjoys exercising, but that situation can change. Her workout buddy might move away or be unable to exercise and that can leave your senior in the lurch. Here are a few solutions.

Senior Care in West University Place TX: Finding a Workout Buddy

Senior Care in West University Place TX: Finding a Workout Buddy

Join a Gym or Senior Center Class.

Gyms are a great place to get help and companionship while working out, even for senior citizens. Many even offer classes and group settings that are geared toward older adults. Senior centers often have exercise groups or classes, too. Check with them to find out when they have classes scheduled. Your elderly family member might even meet a new exercise buddy who enjoys the same types of workouts that she does.

Work with a Personal Trainer.

Personal trainers can offer so much support for your aging adult. Even though they aren’t a workout buddy, they can still be just as encouraging as your senior’s friends are. They can also help to make sure that your senior is doing exactly the right types of exercises to get the results that she needs and wants. There are few things as frustrating as sticking to a workout faithfully and not getting anywhere with it. A trainer can help your senior avoid that problem.

Exercise with Her.

Exercising with your aging adult is especially helpful if you’ve wanted to work exercise into your daily routine and haven’t figured out how to do it. You and your elderly family member get some quality time together and can each exercise for a bit. There are big wins all the way through this solution. However, if you’re inclined to use exercise as a bit of alone time for yourself, this might not be the right answer.

Set up a Home Gym Experience.

For many aging adults, working out at home is an awesome option. Exercising at home means that your elderly family member doesn’t need to go anywhere and she can change her workout time to suit her schedule. Exercise videos and simple equipment such as resistance bands or light free weights might be all she needs. If you’re concerned about her being alone, hiring senior care providers for companionship and to help with household tasks can ensure that someone is there when she’s likely to exercise.

Always make sure that exercise is right for your aging adult before she starts a new exercise program. This is especially important if she’s thinking of switching to a different type or intensity of exercising.

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