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You don’t have to be young to enjoy Halloween, just a kid at heart. In fact, many elderly adults like to get into the spirit of the holiday and dress up themselves. Many elderly adults even want to decorate their homes and host other family members for a Halloween party. Seniors can have a lot of fun at Halloween, but there are some safety tips that family caregivers and senior care providers should enforce so that the elderly adult stays safe and unharmed.

Senior Care in Sugar Land TX: Halloween Safety Tips for Elderly Adults

Senior Care in Sugar Land TX: Halloween Safety Tips for Elderly Adults

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is decorating the house. The front yard is one place where aging adults want to set the mood with spooky décor and lighted pumpkins. However, there can be all kinds of hidden hazards that can cause slip and fall accidents. It’s important to leave the yard well-lit for Halloween and keep décor like jack ‘o lanterns off the steps. Take care of wet leaves, slippery pavement, and obstructive decorations. Never leave unattended candles burning inside jack ‘o lanterns, either.

Many seniors love answering the door and giving out candy to the neighborhood children. However, Halloween is also a night for mischief and it’s never a good idea for an elderly person who is alone to open their doors to strangers. It’s a good idea to have a family caregiver or senior care provider stay with the elderly adult to help them enjoy Halloween without all the risks. Make sure to set up a candy dish by the door, on a shelf or stool, so the aging adult doesn’t have to try to juggle the bowl and the door, which can put them off balance.

If an elderly adult is dressing up in a costume, it shouldn’t be restrictive or something that may cause them to trip. Masks and other accessories that can block vision are also a bad idea for seniors that may already struggle with poor vision. Another safety issue to think about is seniors eating hard candy or chewy candy. Because they probably don’t have access to such foods on a normal basis, they may overindulge. This could be harmful for dentures or become a choking hazard, especially if seniors have difficulty swallowing. Family caregivers and senior care providers should look out for any additional safety issues that are unique to the elderly adult and the home.

Few holidays are as fun as Halloween and elderly adults can get a lot of joy from participation in family or neighborhood events. As long as family caregivers, friends, and senior care providers take extra precautions for the elderly adult’s safety, they’ll be able to enjoy all the fun without risking their health and wellness.

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