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FAQs About Seniors Adopting a Dog or Cat

Many family caregivers that worry about their aging mom or dad growing lonely in their old age wonder about helping them adopt a pet. Studies show that dogs and cats can provide a lot of benefits to seniors, but family caregivers may still be unsure. Before dismissing the idea completely, family caregivers should look at the facts surrounding pet adoptions and seniors. Once they learn about the benefits, they may form a different opinion. Here are some frequently asked questions about elderly ... Read more

What Should You Do if Your Senior Wanders Off?

If you’ve been worried about your senior wandering off, you might have been prepared for this moment. But many caregivers are absolutely not prepared for the first time their senior wanders away. These tips can help to keep you calm and find your senior. Start Contacting Neighbors As soon as you notice that your elderly family member has wandered off, start talking to people in the area. They’re most likely neighbors, but they could also be people who are walking in the area. ... Read more

What is RSV?

RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus. It’s an illness that most people associate with young children. However, people of any age can get it. And, for older adults, it can be particularly dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people who are aged 65 and older are at the greatest risk of developing a severe RSV infection. In fact, around 177,000 seniors in the United States end up in the hospital because of RSV each year and ... Read more

How to Get the Most out of Meditating as a Caregiver

Meditation is one of those often-suggested solutions that a lot of caregivers scoff at because "Who has time?" The great thing about meditation is that you don't have to follow the "rules" if they don't work for you. You can tailor meditation to your life and your needs. Don't Worry if You Feel You're Meditating "Wrong" If you're meditating just for your own mental health and well-being, then worrying about doing meditation "wrong" isn't something you need to sweat about. The idea behind ... Read more

Dehydration is One of the Biggest Health Risks the Elderly Face

The July 2017 edition of Nutrition and Healthy Aging released a report on dehydration and the elderly. Of the seniors questioned, just over half said they drink at least six glasses of some type of drink each day. Nine percent said they drink fewer than three glasses each day. Dehydration is a serious concern in the elderly. Just a two percent deficiency in body fluid can impact physical health. It can also lead to cognitive issues. The sense of thirst decreases in ... Read more

Another Great Review From a Satisfied Client

My family and I simply love Sid Gerber and associates.  They represent the whole family when it comes to caring for your loved ones. My family and I have been with Sid Gerber and Associates for the past 6 years.  Sid and his team came into our family during a very difficult time.  Our mother was diagnosed with dementia and our father was very depressed and worn out from caring for our mom.  Sid was a wealth of knowledge in this ... Read more

What Can Home Care Really Do?

One of the questions your elderly family member might ask when you bring up the idea of home care is just what that type of service can do for her. Some of these suggestions might be ones that your aging family member could use help with now or in the near future. Help with Personal Care Tasks Personal care tasks, such as grooming and bathing, are ones that can be extremely embarrassing for your senior. Oddly enough, it can be easier for your ... Read more

Tips for Avoiding Burnout During the Holiday Season

Stress is more common among those who care for elderly adults than those who don't. Caregiver stress can lead to a variety of potentially serious complications and issues, and if it becomes overwhelming and excessively frequent, it can become burnout. Family caregivers are particularly vulnerable to burn out during the holiday season when more pressure is placed on them than on any other time of the year. Burnout can threaten your physical health and well-being, diminish your enjoyment of the holiday season, ... Read more

Three Reasons Some Family Caregivers End Up in This Role (Having Never Anticipated It)

Late at night, listening to the sound of rain gently cascading off the roof and dripping into puddles outside your bedroom window, do you ever wonder how this all started? You never thought you’d be a family caregiver, but there you are, struggling to sleep, your eyes so heavy, your body completely exhausted, and the stress showing signs of abuse on your body, mind, and spirit. You never anticipated having to do this. Most family caregivers don’t. November is National Family Caregivers Month ... Read more

Five Barriers to Aging in Place

A common goal for people who are growing older is to remain in their own homes for as long as is humanly possible. The difficulty is that often there are extenuating circumstances that can make aging in place more difficult. Senior care providers can help. Transportation Issues If your elderly family member can't drive herself to wherever she needs to go, that's a big problem. It might even lead to her voluntarily isolating herself, which can become dangerous. For many aging adults, driving ... Read more
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