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New course offerings for “How to Be a Family Caregiver” coming soon!

New Course Offering S. Gerber & Associates and Personal Caregiving Services is proud to announce the creation of the Academy of Advanced Caregivers with the first courses on “The Basics of How to Be a Family Caregiver” set to start in January 2016!  Mark your calendar for this exciting opportunity to become better educated and equipped to be a family caregiver!For more information, you may click here to view the flyer.If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Houston, ... Read more

Elderly Care: How Heart Disease Can be Reversed Through Food

Elderly Care in Spring Branch TX A lifetime of eating deep fried, greasy fast food, chips, pizza, and sugary desserts may quickly add up in old age, contributing to heart disease. The American Heart Association reported that 21 percent of men and 10 percent of women between the ages of 60 and 79 have coronary heart disease, while 35 percent of men and 18 percent of women over 80 have the disease.  The following are common symptoms of this fatal disease and ... Read more

Why Older Adults Need to Start Playing Video Games

Senior Care in West University Place TX How often have we told our children to put down the video game controller because they should do something more productive? What may be a time-killer for adolescents has been shown to have its perks for older adults. Experts recommend elders begin playing video games for a number of reasons, such as stopping the aging process of their brain, keeping their minds alert and sharp, and improving both their memory and mood. Now that some ... Read more

The Power of Thought in Your Senior Care Journey

Senior Care in Bellaire TX Everyone has heard about the concept of "mind over matter" and that the mind is the most powerful element of the human body, enabling people to accomplish things that their bodies should not technically be able to do simply because their minds told them that they needed to do it. While this explains things like men climbing to the top of Mount Everest or women lifting cars off of their young children, could it really be something ... Read more

Seasonal Caregiver Awareness: Is Layaway a Good Choice for Your Seasonal Stress?

Caregiver in Houston TX Being a caregiver during the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your loved ones, create uplifting, treasured memories, and participate in traditions that you have held dear throughout your life and want to pass along to your children. This can also be an extremely stressful time, particularly if you are taking care of your parents, your children, your spouse, your home, and your career, and contemplating celebrating the holidays in your home.Hosting holiday celebrations in ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Immune Boosters for Your Elderly Parents

Senior Care in Bellaire TX Protecting your aging loved ones from illness and infection is an important element of your senior care plan. Senior adults are more vulnerable to infection and illness and have a more difficult time recovering, putting them at greater risk of lingering consequences from issues that would be relatively minor for younger adults. Boosting their immune system is a powerful step in helping them to stay strong, healthy, and enjoying the highest quality of life possible.Some immune boosters ... Read more

Elderly Care Tips: Care for Seniors After Cataract Surgery

Elderly Care in Memorial TX Cataracts are widely considered a normal part of aging. In fact, all people who are over the age of 60 will at some point develop some degree of cataracts. They occur when the lens at the back of the eye becomes cloudy, yellowed, and may even crack. For many people, these cataracts are fairly mild and though they cause diminished clarity in vision, they do not require any serious intervention. For others, the cataracts become severe enough ... Read more

Pain Awareness Month: Types of Chronic Pain and Treatment Options

Elderly Care in Tanglewood TX Chronic pain is something that many people have learned to live with instead of how it can be treated. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, over 100 million Americans have chronic pain, which outnumbers those with diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined. If you are providing senior care for someone with constant aches and pains, becoming educated on their condition is the first step to helping them heal and recover.Types of Chronic Pain Chronic pain is much more than ... Read more

Senior Care Observances: Gerontological Nursing Week

Senior Care in Houston TX No matter how healthy your aging loved ones are, nurses will play an important role in your senior care plan. Gerontological nurses dedicate their careers to the health needs and ongoing care of older adults, educating themselves and practicing specific care techniques that make lives better for seniors, their caregivers, and the people who love them. Sometimes, however, their efforts are overlooked. September 27 through October 3, make it a point to acknowledge not only what these ... Read more

Balance Awareness Week and Elder Care

Elder Care in Houston TX Beginning in 1997, the Vestibular Disorders Association named the second week in September as Balance Awareness Week. This was done primarily so patients could experience a reduction in how long vestibular disorder is diagnosed. The association works with patients regarding learning what the symptoms are, as well as locating specialists to help them resolve their issues with vestibular disorder. During this week, a family caregiver helping their aging loved one with in-home care can learn more about ... Read more
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