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Try These Ideas For Opening the Lines of Communication with Your Senior Parent’s Doctor

Elderly Care in Bellaire, TX – Opening the Lines of CommunicationIf you are an adult child who is the primary caregiver for an aging parent, you are familiar with how difficult this task can be. Not only have the family roles been reversed but you are also responsible for assisting your parent with daily tasks, including bringing them to the doctor. Speaking with and handling your parent’s medical team can be a challenge in itself.Often times your parent will tell you ... Read more

Implementing These 5 Steps Will Make You a Much Better Caregiver

5 Steps to being a better Caregiver and Reduce Stress near Sugar Land, TXOne of the main goals for any caregiver is to improve the quality of care they provide. As a result, they will also be able to reduce the amount of caregiver stress they experience. When you are providing higher quality care more effectively for an elderly patient, it is going to make that job much easier.When you want to understand what it takes to be a better caregiver ... Read more

Have You Ever Considered How Being a Good Listener Can Play an Important part in Elder Care?

Say that Again … Understanding Each Other through Better Conversation: Elder Care near Sugar Land, TXConversation is important. Human beings are considered social creatures and that means we aren’t designed to spend a significant amount of our lives alone. However, that is exactly how many elderly individuals spend their time: alone.Connecting with others is an important aspect for mental as well as emotional health and well-being. Depending on the situation, it could also have benefits with regard to physical strength and ... Read more

Discover How Loneliness Can Increase Risks of Having a Stroke

Elderly Care in Houston, TX– Loneliness and StrokesLoneliness is like a sad feeling starting from the inside and creating a mental and emotional imbalance. This feeling can happen to any person but consequences of loneliness are more problematic for older adults, especially after 65 years and more. According to studies, it’s been proven feelings of loneliness and social isolations leads to an increase in blood pressure and in some adults it can result in higher risks of strokes and other cardiovascular ... Read more

Listed are Reasons Why Kindness can make a Difference while providing Elder Care

Kindness and Home Care Services in Houston, TXKindness is one of those attributes that far too many people take for granted. With regard to home care services, kindness is not only essential, it can make all the difference in the world to the patient who relies on this level of assistance.There are many reasons why kindness is so important when you are talking about an in-home care service provider. Let’s talk about some of these reasons and how this emotional attribute ... Read more

Have You Ever Wondered Why Females get less Sleep than Males? Find Out Why?

Yawn! Why the Female Caregiver near Katy, TX Tends to Give Up Sleep for OthersA staggering statistic when it comes to the family caregiver is that more than 80% of in-home care providers in the United States are female. Many of these in-home care providers decide to take on this role out of a sense of responsibility, feeling that they owe it to their loved one, or concerns about feeling guilty if they don’t.For the most part, when you compare male ... Read more

Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing

Blog Posting 10/25/14 By Sid Gerber   Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing   Many people amongst us are procrastinators, myself included at times. And although I know it’s better than doing nothing or putting off until the last minute, I choose to ignore an issue or bury my head in the sand. That’s okay if the issue doesn’t involve my health, however, or something that can have a significant impact on my life. I mean, it’s not like seeing a red light and stopping ... Read more

What Should You Consider When Preparing for the Winter months? Consider the following Tips.

5 Things to Get the Home Ready for Winter: Elder Care Considerations near Bellaire TXWinter is fast approaching at this point and when it comes to elder care, there are a number of things that both the caregiver and the patient can do to prepare the house for colder temperatures, snowy environments, and other issues that will arrive with the start of winter.Depending on where you live in the country, you may experience winter’s wrath showing up a bit sooner than ... Read more

Do Your Siblings Share the Caregiving Responsibilities for your Parents?

Senior Care near West University Place, TX area – Sharing Responsibilities as a FamilyProviding care for elderly parents can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience just as raising up children until they are adults can be. However, it can be a taxing duty sometimes bundled up with physical and emotional strain. Most caregivers are under a lot of stress and often can’t see how their own needs also need to be met. If you’re the sole caregiver from your family, it’s ... Read more

Have You Considered Taking the Time to Simply Eat a Meal with Mom would make her Happy? You Can Celebrate October Eat Better, Eat Together by planning to Have a Meal Together

Eat Up, Eat Together, and Have a Nice Meal for Senior Care in Houston, TXJanet was providing senior care for her mother, but she didn’t have a lot of time to spend sitting down and talking to her mother. Most of the time she would stop by and check to make sure that everything was okay before heading back out.During her visits, Janet would ask her mother if there was anything that she needed or anything that she couldn’t do on ... Read more
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