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Warmest Birthday Wishes to Dorsey Halbouty turning 102 Sept 26, 2014

Announcement Posting9/16/14Personal Caregiving Services is pleased to extend our warmest birthday wishes to Dorsey Halbouty who is turning 102 wonderful and blessed years on September 26, 2014. Dorsey has been a client of PCS since 2008 when she was a mere youngster at 96 years old.Appearances can certainly fool you! In the photo taken of Dorsey three years ago with the agency owner, Sid Gerber, Dorsey certainly looks younger than 99!It has truly been an honor for PCS to provide assistance ... Read more

Did You Know September is Self-Improvement Month?

One Caregiver’s Ideas In Houston, TX on How to Self -ImproveAs people age, they tend to ask less and less questions than they used to. It appears that we become less curious as we grow older. We accept more things as they are and quit asking why. For those who have raised young children, they know what it’s like to be asked “why?” or “what if?” multiple times each day.Unfortunately, some adults just answer with “that’s just the way it is” ... Read more

Elder Care in Katy TX- A Long History

A Little History of Elder Care Services It’s generally assumed that caring for each other is an inborn human trait. There is evidence from many years ago that elderly people received care. In 2013 archaeologists uncovered some very interesting evidence of this theory. They found the bones of an early human who was alive approximately 500,000 years ago. That’s half a million years! This early human’s bones showed signs that he was both aged and disabled and probably couldn’t carry anything and ... Read more
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