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Advantages of a Caregiving Service

When selecting an in-home caregiver, families often focus most strongly on the individual caregiver. That’s understandable; it’s essential you get the best person who is also a great fit. But it’s just as important that you consider the caregiver’s support system – something private caregivers lack. Caregivers become so focused on the day-to-day tasks of care that they are unable to focus on the bigger picture. In the case of private caregivers, this can lead to complacency – which can have serious ... Read more

4 Reasons Your Senior Doesn’t Want Your Help

You want to be there for your aging adult and you know that she needs the help. But her response might just shock you. If you're wondering why your elderly family member won't accept your help, these explanations might help. She Honestly Doesn't Believe She Needs It. Many aging adults truly don't believe that they need any additional help. they've been going about their lives for years, decades even, without help and they're fine. So it stands to reason, from their point of ... Read more

What Steps Can Your Senior Try to Beat Fatigue?

Sometimes getting a handle on fatigue isn't about the big moves your senior makes. It can be some of the smaller steps that make a big difference. Once you've ruled out medical causes for fatigue, try some of these solutions to see how well they work. Keep a Log of How She's Feeling. Keeping a log about how your senior is feeling in general allows you to examine a lot of variables all at once. You can track as much or as little ... Read more

Researchers Exploring Plasma Transplants to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

A Stanford University study is in the early stages. The goal is to see if plasma transplants help ease the symptoms of Alzheimer's. The plasma is taken from the blood of young healthy adults and is then administered to an Alzheimer's patient through a blood transfusion. So far the early results are promising. The original PLASMA study was done on elderly mice. When plasma from young adults was transplanted into the mice, there were some improvements. The research moved to men and ... Read more

Is Mindful Eating Right for You?

Poor nutrition, obesity, and other food-related problems are all too common with family caregivers. The stress of caring for an elderly relative’s needs can often take quite a toll on the caregiver’s health and wellness. One strategy to combat overeating and poor nutrition is to practice mindful eating. It’s easy to turn to food when a caregiver is feeling stressed, sad, lonely, frustrated, or bored. Mindful eating can help combat these feelings and get you on the right track to better ... Read more

Elderly Adults and Bed Rest: Hidden Health Risks

When your aging parent becomes bedridden, through illness or injury, it requires a lot of attention and effort to take care of them. While involuntary confinement to bed may seem like a restful and relaxing option, the truth is that prolonged time in bed can actually cause some additional health risks. Sometimes these health problems can even create more complications for elderly adults. The hidden health risks of being bedridden can be greatly reduced when you get some help from a ... Read more

What Information Should You Share with a New Home Care Provider?

Hiring a care provider for your aging parent is a great way to ensure that all of their needs are fulfilled in the way that is right for them, even if you have limitations, a busy schedule, or live at a distance and are unable to give them all of the care that they need and deserve. A care provider can help your parent to stay more active, support more independence, and encourage better health and well-being as they age in ... Read more

Are You Paying Attention to Your Dad’s Vaccination Records?

How many vaccinations does your dad have? Are they all up to date? Have you talked about vaccinations that can prevent him from some debilitating illnesses or conditions? It's time to discuss vaccinations for your senior loved one. What Are the Vaccinations the Elderly Should Consider? The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recommends seniors get the following vaccinations: Diphtheria – Diptheria is a bacterial infection that affects the throat, It can lead to heart failure and difficulties breathing. It's typically paired in ... Read more

Does High Blood Pressure Put Your Mom More at Risk for Dementia?

When you think about dementia, you may not associate it with high blood pressure. However, researchers have known for years that there is, in fact, a link. Recently, though, researchers have discovered that women who develop high blood pressure in their 40s are at an even higher risk. Yet, the same does not seem to hold true for men. Understanding the link between the two conditions could help seniors to protect their brain health. What is High Blood Pressure? High blood pressure is ... Read more

Helping an Older Adult Cope with a Parkinson’s Diagnosis

When an older adult learns they have Parkinson’s disease, it can be devastating news. There are so many questions and so much uncertainty about what the future holds. Family members and friends may want to help, but knowing what to do or say can be difficult. Although it’s not easy to help someone cope with a new diagnosis, there are many ways you can help reassure them about the future and support them as they come to terms with their new ... Read more
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