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Tips for Preventing Medicare Fraud

Each year there are countless acts of Medicare fraud, which wastes a lot of money. The money wasted results in higher costs in healthcare and additional taxes for all people. Unfortunately, there are a lot of criminals out there who would love to get their hands on your parent’s Medicare number so that they can dupe the Medicare system out of money and steal your parent’s identity. As a family caregiver, you can help your parent to prevent Medicare fraud. What is ... Read more

What Are the Risks of Cancer Surgery for Your Senior?

Surgery is one of the viable treatment options for seniors who are living with cancer. In fact, depending on the form of cancer that they have, the stage at which it was diagnosed, and your parent’s other health complications, it might be the first treatment option that the doctor recommends. It can be extremely effective and get your parent on a strong start to their management. As with any other type of surgery, however, it is very important that you understand ... Read more

What to Do for a Senior Who Needs Help with Caring for Their Home

When you consider your responsibilities as a family caregiver it is likely that the first things that you think about are their physical needs, running errands for them, and giving them companionship and support. While these are all extremely important tasks, you should not forget that they may need assistance with other elements of their lives as well, namely, caring for their home. Maintaining a clean, fresh home environment helps your parent to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, and improves ... Read more

Communication Boards for Seniors with Aphasia

When seniors survive a stroke, they can sometimes lose their ability to speak and understand language. This condition is known as aphasia and it is relatively common. While there are several types of aphasia, the common thread is that the stroke survivor’s communication skills are disrupted. Sometimes they cannot form words at all, while other people use nonsense words. In many cases, stroke survivors cannot understand when others speak to them. Regardless of the severity of the aphasia, elderly people are suddenly ... Read more

What Kinds of Self-help Tools Can Help You as a Family Caregiver?

When you're a busy family caregiver, self-help tools are something that you can turn to quickly and easily when you need a little bit of help. Finding the right tools for you depends on your needs and what works for you. Books. There are an amazing amount of books available on any of the topics you might need as a caregiver. You can even find books that help you learn to deal with a variety of aspects of caregiving itself. Libraries are excellent ... Read more

How Can You Help a Loved One with Osteoporosis Avoid Falling?

When your loved one has osteoporosis, a fall can be especially devastating for her. With thinner bones that are more prone to breaking, your loved one can find herself especially vulnerable. The best thing you can do for her is to help her avoid falling if at all possible. Make In-home Safety a Priority. At home, there are quite a few specific things you can do to help your loved one avoid falls. Adding and using hand rails, keeping the home lit well, ... Read more

Sciatic Nerve Pain and Seniors

While sciatic nerve pain, known as sciatica, can affect people of all ages, it is especially prevalent in senior populations. The sciatic nerve runs from the back of the legs to the base of the spine, and it can become compressed or pinched, causing radiating pain in these areas. Whether it is caused by a degenerative disc, diabetes, bone spur or simply a result of weakening bones and muscles, sciatica can have a big impact on the quality of life. Family caregivers ... Read more

Tips and Adaptive Devices that Make Eating Easier

Some seniors have difficulty feeding themselves because of conditions that make them unable to use their hands or arms or because of cognitive decline. Meal times can be frustrating for both the senior and the person providing senior care. For a family caregiver, it can also be awkward to have to feed your parent who once fed you as a child. If you have some trouble with meal times, employing certain techniques or using adaptive devices to help your parent eat ... Read more

What Can You Do to Make Family Meetings More Helpful to You as a Caregiver?

Family meetings can do a lot for you and your elderly loved one, but how you handle those meetings makes a big difference. Try some of these ideas to see how they help. Give Other Family Members a Chance to Volunteer to Help. Sometimes as a caregiver, you know exactly what needs to be done and so you start to believe that other people do, too. Or maybe you've shared your "to do" list a thousand times and yet you've had a tough ... Read more

How to Deal with the Emotional Fallout of Telling Your Loved One She Can’t Drive Anymore

When your loved one gets to a point at which she's no longer safe behind the wheel of her car, you're going to be the one to handle that as her family caregiver. The problem is that the emotional fallout from that decision can be brutal. Keep Your Loved One's Feelings about Driving in Mind. You might think that your loved one doesn't have any feelings about driving, but you might be surprised. There's a grieving process that will happen with this decision ... Read more
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