Five Barriers to Aging in Place

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Senior Care Bellaire, TX: Seniors aging in place

A common goal for people who are growing older is to remain in their own homes for as long as is humanly possible. The difficulty is that often there are extenuating circumstances that can make aging in place more difficult. Senior care providers can help.

Transportation Issues

If your elderly family member can’t drive herself to wherever she needs to go, that’s a big problem. It might even lead to her voluntarily isolating herself, which can become dangerous. For many aging adults, driving is not possible either because of physical limitations or because cognitive changes make driving a bad idea.

Trouble with Daily Tasks

There are so many daily tasks that go into keeping up with any household. Even streamlining and simplifying those tasks doesn’t eliminate them. Dusting, vacuuming, dishes, and more are all part of the tasks that your senior might start having trouble handling. Beyond that, she might start having trouble with personal care tasks, like getting dressed or washing her hair.

Changes in Health

As your elderly family member grows older, her health is highly likely to change. If she has any chronic health issues, those can become more difficult to manage over time. Some, like COPD, are conditions that aren’t reversible. Sometimes your senior’s health is compromised by other choices that are also becoming difficult for her, like choosing the right foods to eat.

Meals and Healthy Eating

The right foods make a big difference for your senior’s overall health. But cooking, especially for just one person, can be a lot more effort than your elderly family member is able to put forth. Having help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and the aftermath of all of that can be exactly what your elderly family member needs.

General Safety

Safety for your aging adult means a variety of things. It encompasses the security of her home, of course, but it also involves any repairs that your senior’s home needs as well as any modifications that would make her home safer. Grab bars, non-slip flooring, and ramps are all changes that can make your elderly family member safer at home. But senior care providers can help as well because they’re there to support your senior as she’s going about her day.

Your elderly family member may still be able to successfully age in place, but there may need to be some other solutions put into place, too. Hiring senior care providers is an excellent option for you and for your elderly family member because they’re adept at helping just as much as your senior requires. This makes the decision to age in place much more realistic.

Excerpt: No matter how badly your aging family member wants to age in place, there may be some barriers in the way.

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