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Communication Boards for Seniors with Aphasia

When seniors survive a stroke, they can sometimes lose their ability to speak and understand language. This condition is known as aphasia and it is relatively common. While there are several types of aphasia, the common thread is that the stroke survivor’s communication skills are disrupted. Sometimes they cannot form words at all, while other people use nonsense words. In many cases, stroke survivors cannot understand when others speak to them.Regardless of the severity of the aphasia, elderly people are suddenly ... Read more

4 Ways to Help Avoid Conflict While Caring for an Elderly Loved One

Elder Care in Memorial TX When you are the primary caregiver for your elderly loved one, other family members may still want some input about her care. This can cause conflicts, though, and family relationships can become strained. There are some easy ways to avoid those conflicts, though.Share Some of the ResponsibilitiesIf at all possible, everyone involved with your elderly loved one should be kicking in to share some of the responsibilities. Sometimes, that isn't actually possible, though, and loved ones can ... Read more