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What Do You Do When You Suspect Your Loved One Is Declining?

Your elderly loved one may stay pretty spry, right up until she isn't. there may be quite a few contributing factors to her sudden shift from "okay" to suddenly "not okay." How you handle that shift can make a big difference to your loved one.Get a Full Health Assessment FirstThe first step in figuring out what to do for your loved one is to get a full health assessment done with her doctor. This helps you to see where your loved ... Read more

What You Need to Keep Your Parent Fresh and Clean When They are Confined to Bed

Elder Care in Meyerland TX Helping ensure that your aging parent stays clean and fresh is an important part of your elder care efforts. In many situations this means helping your parent get into and out of the tub or shower, or possibly having an elderly health care services provider aid in the actual process of bathing or showering. If your loved one is confined to bed, however, keeping them as clean and fresh as they should be is not that simple. ... Read more

Elder Care Advice: Keep the Brain Young with These Tips

Elder Care in Meyerland TX Ever wonder why some seniors seem forgetful some of the time while others have a sharp memory? Unless they have an impairment or brain injury that makes it difficult to remember where they are or what they are supposed to be doing, seniors receiving in-home care with memory problems most likely are not taking care of their bodies the way they should. If your aging parent or relative does show abrupt signs of memory loss, they will ... Read more

5 Steps to Reach Common Ground about Elder Care Options

Elder Care in Meyerland TX It might be frustrating to reach common ground with your aging loved ones about elder care options. After all, they may be adamant about taking care of themselves, even though you are convinced they need assistance.  The last thing people want is to see their beloved family members become injured due to a slip and fall accident or suffer from a major medical emergency, especially if it could’ve been avoided.The benefits of elder care are often not ... Read more