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Have You Planned Ahead for Changing Elder Care Needs?

You don't want to think about your parents getting older. You don't want to think about them eventually struggling to do things they used to do with ease. Too often, people don't think about this until it happens. At this point, you have to rush a decision into how to make sure your parents have the assistance they need with activities of daily living. It's important to talk about the “what ifs” sooner rather than later. Here are some of the things ... Read more

Making Coping with Arthritis Part of Your Elder Care Plan

Elder Care in Spring Branch TX Arthritis in any of its many forms is one of the most common complaints of older adults, but that does not mean that your elderly parents should have to live with the pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility caused by this disease. While the damage done by arthritis may not be curable, there are many way you can make coping with arthritis and its effects part of your elder care plan so your aging loved ones ... Read more