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Tips for Avoiding Burnout During the Holiday Season

Stress is more common among those who care for elderly adults than those who don't. Caregiver stress can lead to a variety of potentially serious complications and issues, and if it becomes overwhelming and excessively frequent, it can become burnout. Family caregivers are particularly vulnerable to burn out during the holiday season when more pressure is placed on them than on any other time of the year. Burnout can threaten your physical health and well-being, diminish your enjoyment of the holiday season, ... Read more

What Are the Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Maybe your parent has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or maybe you’re worried about a parent that has begun showing signs of memory lapses. Whatever the case, when you are caring for an aging parent, the thought of Alzheimer’s Disease is frightening and overwhelming. You may be wondering how long your parent will be able to safely live on their own and at what point you may need to hire elder care for them. Knowing the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease ... Read more

Have You Considered Providing Elder Care for a Senior Loved One? Find Out Why Learning as Much as Possible is Essential for Providing the Best Level Of Elder Care.

Three Considerations When the Family Elder Care Provider Heads Back to School near Tanglewood, TX Carla came home from her first year at college excited and enthusiastic about her future. She had made a number of new friends, made the Dean’s list, and had even lined up an internship for the following fall semester. Over the summer she knew a job was necessary, especially if she wanted to have some disposable income for the following year. That’s when her mother suggested she ... Read more