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Do You Know the Signs of Dehydration in Seniors?

Dehydration is a very serious problem for the elderly. While most of us can avoid dehydration simply by drinking a glass of water if we feel parched, things may not be so simple for your aging loved one.For starters, the elderly are much more prone to dehydration because as we age, our bodies retain less and less water. Also, many illnesses and medications can cause more frequent urination. This leads the body to lose even more of the hydration it should ... Read more

Elderly Care Tips: Protecting Your Seniors from House Fires

Elderly Care in Katy TX Part of creating and executing an effective elderly care plan for your aging loved ones is making sure they are protected from disasters. Though preparing for natural disasters such as floods, lightning, or earthquakes is extremely important, you must also put time and effort into making sure that they are protected from the dangers that lurk right in their homes.House fires are one of the most devastating emergencies seniors can face, but most people do not have ... Read more