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Bathing Tips for Elderly Adults Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Many elderly adults struggle with mobility, balance, and other issues that make it difficult for them to bathe independently. This can be particularly true for an aging adult who is living with Parkinson's disease. The symptoms and challenges of Parkinson's disease often include tremors, loss of balance, dizziness, and other difficulties that can make bathing independently difficult or even impossible for your senior. You can help your aging loved one to stay safer while bathing and to maintain as much independence ... Read more

National Respiratory Care Week – How Elders Can Keep Their Respiratory System Healthy

Elderly Care in Meyerland TX National Respiratory Care Week begins on October 23rd in order to help promote proper lung health and care tips. As your mom or dad gets older, their respiratory health might become weaker. They may have an increased difficulty breathing and higher chance of developing a lung disease. Older adults who are suffering from other health conditions may be more prone to having a respiratory infection or disease, so it is important they consult with their doctor before ... Read more

The Value of Early Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

Elderly Care in Meyerland TX Many people look at their health with a sense of complacent denial, operating under the idea that if they do not know that something is wrong, or do not acknowledge that something is wrong, then whatever it is cannot actually be wrong and they will not have to confront it. You may even be that way about your own health, skipping yearly checkups and avoiding those tests and screenings that you know that you should take, but ... Read more

Elderly and Anxiety: Know the Facts

Elderly Care in Meyerland TX Anxiety affects people of all ages, from children to senior citizens. In most cases, a little anxiety is nothing to fear; however, if it starts to take over the elder's life, it could be time to speak with their doctor. Anxiety disorders affect between 3 and 14 percent of seniors and has actually been thought to be part of the aging process, but it does not have to be. In order to help a senior who is ... Read more

Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk for Lyme Disease?

Elderly Care in Meyerland TX Even living in a city, a person can still get Lyme Disease. The main problem with Lyme is that many people don't know they have it, and doctors don't always think to test for it. Tests can also provide a false negative, making the infected person think that's not the problem. Curing Lyme is easy in some people, and very difficult in others, so treatment isn't always effective. If you have an elderly loved one who's having odd ... Read more