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What Are the Risks of Cancer Surgery for Your Senior?

Surgery is one of the viable treatment options for seniors who are living with cancer. In fact, depending on the form of cancer that they have, the stage at which it was diagnosed, and your parent’s other health complications, it might be the first treatment option that the doctor recommends. It can be extremely effective and get your parent on a strong start to their management. As with any other type of surgery, however, it is very important that you understand ... Read more

How to Adopt a More Peaceful Mindset

Elderly Care in Spring Branch TX Becoming more peaceful is a goal for quite a few family caregivers. Having that mindset to fall back on can help you even during the most trying situations.Figure Out What Makes You Feel PeacefulYou may need to start out by defining peace for yourself, since it looks slightly different for everyone. For you, peace might be a full house with everyone home and doing what they want to do. For others, peace is an empty cabin ... Read more

Could It Be Alzheimer’s? Signs to Look for in Your Parent’s Conversation

Elderly Care in Spring Branch TX As with most health conditions, early detection is key when it comes to making sure that your parent gets the care that they need to get through this progression in the best way possible. Though most people have specific ideas as to what it "looks like" for a senior to develop Alzheimer's disease, the truth is that not all of the signs and symptoms of this condition are immediately obvious. Being aware of the signs and ... Read more

Staying Safe and In Control When Alzheimer’s Aggression Becomes Part of Your Elderly Care Journey

Elderly Care in Spring Branch TX Each year nearly 5 million Americans receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. For as many as half of these adults, aggressive and even violent behaviors can become a part of the progression of the disease, creating an uncomfortable and even dangerous situation for the senior himself as well as any family caregivers and his elderly health care services provider. Understanding this aggression and how you can handle it can help you to stay safe and in ... Read more

Elderly Care: How Heart Disease Can be Reversed Through Food

Elderly Care in Spring Branch TX A lifetime of eating deep fried, greasy fast food, chips, pizza, and sugary desserts may quickly add up in old age, contributing to heart disease. The American Heart Association reported that 21 percent of men and 10 percent of women between the ages of 60 and 79 have coronary heart disease, while 35 percent of men and 18 percent of women over 80 have the disease.  The following are common symptoms of this fatal disease and ... Read more