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7 Ways to Reduce Your Aging Relative’s Risk of Influenza

Are you worried about your aging relative getting the flu this year? You are right to worry about influenza’s impact on your elderly loved one, because many seniors suffer the harmful effects of this illness each year. In fact, influenza and its effects are responsible for hundreds of thousands of hospital visits for elderly adults throughout the country. Influenza-related complications can even cause death in some cases. If you want to prevent your aging relative from contracting the flu this year, there ... Read more

How to Cope When Your Elderly Loved One Is Easily Confused

Home Care in Bellaire TX Confusion, particularly about normal everyday activities and people, can be one of the more troubling problems that caregivers can face when a loved one has dementia. Your loved one has always been so capable and so smart, but now she's easily confused. Keep the Explanation Simple It's really easy to get complicated with explanations when your loved one is confused, but that won't work well. Instead, do what you can to keep explanations as short and simple as you ... Read more

Helping Your Elderly Parents Make the Decision to Start a Home Care Relationship

Home Care in Bellaire TX Experts often say that taking the first step is the most difficult part of overcoming any challenge. This absolutely applies to coming to terms with your elderly parents' need for additional care and assistance and building the proper care plan for these needs. Recognizing these needs, embracing them as a reality that will be a part of your life and your loved ones' lives into the future, and making decisions regarding the care that is right for ... Read more

Home Care That Works

Home Care in Bellaire TX Older adults can be intimidated or overwhelmed at the prospect of bringing in a caregiver or home health care aide to help them with some of the facets of daily life.  It is not unusual for them to see it as the beginning of the loss of their independence.  This can actually be made even worse if the caregiver assigned to them is a much younger individual.  Use these tips to help your loved ones and their ... Read more