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Which Vaccines Do Older Adults Need?

When we think of vaccinations, most of us think of children and babies. However, there are vaccines that people need as adults and even as older adults. Vaccinations help to prevent serious illness and, in some cases, death. Some vaccines that people have as children lose effectiveness with age. And, some vaccines are needed annually. Knowing which vaccines your aging relative needs can help to keep them healthy and protect them from potentially life-threatening illnesses. Below are some of the vaccines ... Read more

What Should You Do if Your Senior Wanders Off?

If you’ve been worried about your senior wandering off, you might have been prepared for this moment. But many caregivers are absolutely not prepared for the first time their senior wanders away. These tips can help to keep you calm and find your senior. Start Contacting Neighbors As soon as you notice that your elderly family member has wandered off, start talking to people in the area. They’re most likely neighbors, but they could also be people who are walking in the area. ... Read more