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Coping with Boundaries as a Caregiver

Setting boundaries and then enforcing them for yourself and others is going to help you to be a much more efficient caregiver. It’s tough to maintain your boundaries, though, especially when you feel as if you should be doing certain things for your senior.  Boundaries Protect Priorities and Preferences Boundaries are an essential part of all relationships because they are a form of protection for the preferences and priorities that you value in your life. When you don’t have boundaries in place, you may find that you’re ... Read more

When Senior Care Involves Cancer Treatment

When your parent or grandparent first learns of their diagnosis of cancer, everything seems to change in an instant. You may feel like your own life has been turned upside down as well, as you struggle to figure out the next steps with treatment while simultaneously helping your loved one to cope with this new chapter in your lives.  Once the shock wears off, the planning phase begins. You may have to rearrange the schedule and routines in your life as your ... Read more

Would You Know if Your Parent Was Dehydrated?

Dehydration can happen to anyone, but certain groups of people are at higher risk for it. Older adults are one of those groups. Seniors naturally have less fluids in their body, so they become dehydrated more easily. They may also have chronic conditions that further increase risks. Some medicines also have a risk of dehydration as a possible side effect. In addition, mobility problems can make it hard for seniors to get drinks for themselves. With the increased risk of dehydration ... Read more

FAQs About Seniors with Dementia and Wandering

If you’ve spent any time around an elderly person with dementia, chances are you’ve heard them talk about visiting a place that they want to go that may not exist anymore as they remember it. If they are feeling anxious, upset or stressed out, they may grow more insistent about leaving where they are and going to this place. This is known as wandering and it is prevalent for those who struggle with dementia.   Here are some frequently asked questions that many ... Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Elderly Loved One Socialized During Social Distancing Order

If the social distancing order has made your elderly loved one feel lonely, there are some things that you can do to help. The first thing to remember is that social distancing is helping to save lives. It is important that your elderly loved one continue social distancing to do their part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. With this being said, there are still ways they can socialize, despite this virus and the social distancing guidelines.   Phone Calls  Sometimes just a basic ... Read more

Is Fear Why Your Senior Won’t Stop Driving?

Fear is a huge motivator. It can stop your senior from doing things she should be doing, like walking more. Fear can also keep her doing things that she might not be safe to do any longer, like driving her car. It’s important for you to understand why fear might be keeping her behind the wheel.  A Crisis Could Keep Her Trapped It’s not completely unwarranted for your elderly family member to worry about being stuck in an emergency. Injury and other concerns can ... Read more

Importance of Replenishing your Spirit

The coronavirus has taken a lot from us, but it has also given us something important: time. Family members who are providing in-home care for a loved one with dementia or other health issues can use that extra time to engage in activities that relieve the increased stress and depression that come with caring for someone who is medically compromised during a pandemic. Simply by taking time to reconnect with old hobbies you’ve neglected in the day-to-day bustle, or playing a game ... Read more

Home Care Doesn’t Have to End After Cancer Goes Into Remission

Learning that your mom or dad's cancer is in remission is a blessing. It's going to bring feelings of relief and joy. Take time to celebrate. After that, gather the family to talk about home care. It doesn't have to end after cancer goes into remission.  Many older adults think of home care as a service that's for those who are ill or have severely limited mobility. It's so much more than that. Home care can help your parents age at home ... Read more

Update on The Coronavirus

As you know, we notified our clients and caregivers last week about steps we are taking to address the Coronavirus. As the days have passed, we have stayed on top of information from reliable medical and government agencies.  We therefore want to continue to update you with more details about the steps we are taking and the steps you can take to make sure we are doing everything possible to maintain a healthy environment for our clients, their families, our caregivers, ... Read more

A Strong Support Group Helps Your Dad Stop Smoking on National Kick Butts Day

National Kick Butts Day takes place on March 20th. It's a prime day for smokers from around the nation to stop smoking. One of the things your dad will need most is a strong support team. If he isn't feeling supported, it's going to be much harder for him to stay motivated to quit. People to Put on the Support Team If your dad has friends or family members who still smoke, they're not the best choices for his support team. Choose non-smokers ... Read more
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